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UK Court sentence a Nigeria Man to 4years/3months in prison for removing Çoñdom during $ex without the lady consent. ~ details

 A 36 Year old man known as "Mukendi" base in  Brixton, south London, was on Thursday, June 13, sentenced at Inner London Crown Court for the no proper arrange affair with a woman last year. The woman had consented to sex with Mukendi on the condition a condom was used, but he removed it without her consent.

She reported the assault on May 9, 2023 and Mukendi was found guilty by a jury in a rare conviction on April 2, this year. The Metropolitan Police said the victim was supported during the “extremely difficult time” as soon as she first reported the incident.

Police worked with the victim to obtain screenshots of messages Mukendi sent where he apologised for taking the condom off, and where he sought to explain his actions by saying he had not had sex in a long time. 

He then deleted the messages but the screenshots contributed to securing his conviction... 

This is a judgement of insecure sex which can lead to sharing or contacting a decease. 

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