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I came twice before he came once" stefflon Don" pen down her pàin in her recent relationship with Burna Boy. (Video)


A British rapper song writer and a singer @Stefflon Don has disclosed for the first time how much the breakup with Burna Boy  pained her. Stefflon Don said  it difficult for her to move on.

Remember that Stefflon and Odogwu had their breakup announcement  in 2021 online. The couple had begun dating in 2019.

After their relationship ended, musician Stefflon Don revealed how money and fame changed Burna Boy, despite his loyalty to him. She further stated that Burna Boy is not a man, but a mummy’s boy.

Following the end of his relationship with Stefflon Don, Burna Boy advised her to move on and even recorded a worldwide hit song dubbed “Last Last.”

Revealing why the breakup with Burna Boy hurts her so much, Steeflon Don utters that no man has been able to handle her the way Burna Boy handled her while they were dating each other.

Stefflon Don said her $exu@l life with Burna was the best stressing that Burna Boy makes sure she comes at least twice before he comes once.

She said; “Many still don’t understand why my break up with Burna Boy hurt me so much. I’m rich, pretty, sexxy and every man wants these curves you know what I mean? But no man has ever been able to handle me the way Burna Boy did when we were dating. He always prioritized me in bed and made sure I came at least twice before he came once.

He’s the reason I respect Nigerian men. They practice what they preach.

No man I’ve dated all my life has ever cared for my s£xxual life the way Burna did. A couple of things didn’t work out but I must give him that…”

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