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Side Chick Informed Wife Where she Lodge With Her Husband in Uyo ~ Wife Respond Will Shock You (details)

 A provoking action a side chick take in Uyo has got many attention and some people swear for the girl for finding love in someone else husband's hand. 

A Facebook user known as "Eddy Eiong" pen down her encounter with a strange lady who called wife to informed how she and her husband is in Lagos as lovers. 

The wife respond to her that she doesn't have Issue with her sleeping with her husband or do what ever but her having the guts to tell her is what will make her go extra mile. 

The side chick who's name is "Emediong Nsidibe Udo" has been a front talk in Uyo after taking a dirty decision to make it with someone's husband. 

Wife Sister pen her mind. 

I don't want to know who you are or what you are, what I want to tell you now is to leave person husband flying to Lagos with the husband it's not my problem, what you are doing with him was never my problem but you see the guts we you get yesterday na e be d reaso why I'm here.

For you to get mind carry phone call the wife that you travel with her husband, na that one you include me for the fight. 

The decision of traveling with someone's husband is the worst decision ever. What if the man relative see you and unfortunately, you got stranded.  Ladies wise up. 

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