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A Man Was Caught In Uyo, Sending 50,000 naira Fake Alert To A POS Operator. (Video)

A trending Video of  a man who was caught in Nsikak Eduok in Uyo today sending Fàké alert to a young girl who operates POS, eye witness Gabriel Akpan posted on Facebook lately today, He added in the process of the present scam a prominent woman appeared to tell police that she was scammed early today by the same victim. 

in his words 👇

Myself and my friends in the car just caught this guy below for giving a POS agent along Nsikak Eduok lane by House of Assembly Road, a fake transfer, and disappeared with 50k

We were in a car around and we pursued him in his car when an alarm was raised. He ran through the Banking Layout, turning us around in a James Bond manner until he was caught up by Aka Etinan One Way.

We wanted to give him native treatment until the Police took over. We learned he had done that to another POS agent in Mechanic Village last week. God knows how many agents have been duped by him so far. For now, he is begging profusely while we leave him with the police at the spot of the fake transfer.

First woman he scammed 


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