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The hate is unbearable ~ Lady Cry out for help over hate her sister developed towards her in Uyo .


My Sister H@tes me for no reason. 

I stay with my sister here in Uyo, since 2022 and the house rent was always paid by our father. Last year, around December, she told me that when the house rent expires in March, that she's going to renew the rent and that she wants to stay alone. I didn't mind. I almost had plans of getting my own house too. I graduated few months ago and was able to get money from my friend to get a house for myself, but somehow, my account was wiped and everything gone.

The plan was for me to get a house before the rent expires but after the unfortunate incident, I had no other choice than to continue staying with her and I can tell you that it's been horrible.

My sister will lock me outside sometimes. And I'm not talking about locking me outside because I came back by 10pm, 11pm or 12am oo, I mean broad daylight. She will bolt the door from inside and I will have to knock for minutes before she will open for me. She's not asleep, she just doesn't want to open the door until her spirit asked her to. If I play songs in the house, she will complain. If I watch movie and maybe something made me laugh, she will complain..

Last night, I came back around 9pm. She was sitted outside the house with her back to the door. I told my sister to shift, so I can go inside, but she refused, and started saying that she has asked me to find a house, that she doesn't want to see me in her house. Meanwhile, my daddy added part of the money for the rent. She said she was going to calculate how many months I've stayed so far and then refund the remaining part of my father's money to me, so I can leave her house.

I know you will asked what I've done to her, but  I can swear on my daughter's blood that I've not done anything to her. I've called people to come ask her what her problem with me is countless times, but she keep saying that there's no problem. My sister just detests my presence for no reason.

She says I should find a place to pack my things to, as she's going to change the keys to the house.

Please, I need support. I just need money to get a single room. Please, I'm begging you in the name of God.

Thank you so much.

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