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I hugged and kissed him, lady narrates how she met her ghóst boyfriend in Oshodi.


A Facebook user pen down her shocking experience she hard after she and her boyfriend/best friend departed for long.

 She narrates how her long time no see boyfriend met her else way and exchanged contact but after disclosing the moment to her bestie the number was unable to connect.

 She wrote: 

Since I left Portharcourt, I lost contact with KC.

KC and I were seen as couples in class back in secondary school.

Teachers will always make fun with that.

I had to leave when my father got transferred to Lagos.

I ran into him yesterday at Oshodi and I couldn't believe it was him.

He looked all grown now with the beards but his voice wasn't thick one bit.

"KC? Is this really you?" I asked still not believing my eyes.

"It's been so long, Rejoice. You just left us."

"I didn't o. You're looking good."

"And you are looking more beautiful than I have ever imagined you to be. Hope no one has married my wife yet?" He asked with humour in his voice.

"Naughty you. Can I get your contact so we'll talk better because I'm in a hurry to get to Agege."

"Alright, my wife " He answered still laughing. He punched in his digits and asked me to beep him so that he can save my contact.

It ran and he saved my contact as we bade goodbye and parted ways.

Same yesterday, I gisted a friend of ours from school about running into KC and she stunned me with her response.

"You sure say na KC you see?" She asked me in Pidgin English.

"Why won't I recognise him? I collected his number self."

"Serious? Send it please."

I shared the number with her and she said the number is not reachable.

I had to try it to confirm and it said same thing.

"I thought you knew o."

"Knew what?" I asked.

"That KC died in an accident last year on his way back from a burial."

"You're lying, tell me you're lying."

"Babe, I'm serious." My friend replied.

I have been trying the number since yesterday and it's been saying not reachable but this morning it said the number I'm trying to call does not exist.

I have always doubted stories of dead people going to somewhere different to start a new life, until today.

Things are happening. If you have interested story to share with us kindly reach out admin on mail. 


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