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13 Students was $cammed in Uyo ~ details below.

 The shocking incident that took place in Uyo today got many people wondering what the world is turning to. 

The $cammer which he told the students that his name is Richard but known in a hotel he booked for the girls as John performed Wonders. 

According to the lady A year 3 Student of Akwa Ibom State University who study "History" narrated to the interviewer how  the young man by name "Richard" met her at the main gate of University of Uyo, and discuss with her about a ushering work and he demanded for plenty girls for the job. 

And the young Girl which the payment they bargain was a bite helpful for her with her study accepted the job and made arrangements with her course mate and friends to turn up for the job. 

Unfortunately the guy turned against them by stealing over 20 phones, Sanitary pads , Handkerchiefs & POS which means the guy might harm them in a rituals. 

With the look of the incident the Hotel workers or the management are involved on the incident. 

She told the interviewer that the rooms key was with them when the guy told them to move to restaurant to take their breakfast and the guy went behind them to get a master key from the reception to unlock their rooms and highjacked their properties.  Video Here 

This got many people talking: 

Hopegirl Anieting: So how did the guy get access to the room if they claim they were with the key? Please the hotel management in general should be dragged, they know what's up.

Queenneth Joshua: Hearing from this lady D hotel is aware of what d guy is doing

Opeh Francis Onah: The hotel management is the Masterminder of this game, no hotel anywhere in the world u can lodge without making payment first. The hotel manager, staff should all locked up in the cell

Imaobong Idem: They are actually right. The hotel is culpable in this matter. I run a hotel and trust me this can never happen without an inside help. It will take at least 40 minutes to rub all the girls. How was he able to walk out with his stolen goods??. Hold the hotel and they will provide him

Jessy Esione Tina: Nawaoo,thank God he no kpai them, imagine if they had not gone back to the room,all of them would've entered bus and go to God's knows where

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