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You where to rough I may lose my child ~ husband found out a conversation between pregnant wife and stranger.

 A Nigerian man seek advice on what to do after finding out that his 5 months pregnant wife had an affair with another person. 

My wife sent a text to a guy that she didn’t like how he sex her because she may lose her baby as a result. Just five days ago (last week Thursday). She is five months pregnant and this is our third child. I used to trust her until two years ago when a guy she did her masters with in Netherlands came to town. I have never caught her doing anything with the guy but I know they have something going on and no matter how hard I tried, I don’t find anything. 

So I was left to think I was over thinking so I decided to let it slide. I saw their chats a few times and it was the usual checking up on each other texts, nothing suspicious. They were talking too and anytime I asked why they spoke often, she would say he is an old friend and they are just catching up with the past everything seemed harmless. 

I swear, there was no single clue that they were having an affair so I gave up my suspicion. I never even opened their chats when I take my wife’s phone. I didn’t care if they guy came around or not. At some point, even she herself said she was happy that I had stopped suspecting the guy, claiming it was a harmless relationship and that she was waiting for my jealousy to end in shame. I mean, her words and actions made me trust her until five days ago. 

I took her phone to call a colleague at the office to let him know I was going to be late because I had to go to our daughter’s school that morning. Then I saw the guys message up there, saying, “I just couldn’t get enough, I’m sorry”. I wondered, what was he sorry for and what couldn’t he get enough of? I ignored the text and still made my call anyway. As I was returning the phone, I kept wondering and feeling like checking the entire text so I did.

 Lo and behold, it was my wife complaining to the guy that he sexed her so hard and that it was dangerous because she could lose her baby. She is five months pregnant and this is what she chose to do with the pregnancy. She has decided to let another man sleep with her while she’s carrying my baby. I have rather left the house for her because I don’t know what to do yet. Once I go back there and she’s there, one of us will be bur!ed and the other jailed. 

I have told her and that’s exactly what will happen. I haven’t shared this with anyone but on here, I feel the need to talk about it before I go to that house. she is aware though and has been begging me to let her explain but I won’t listen to any lies. Once I get back home, that’s going to be the end of one of us!.

Some married women should at least have sympathy in Their marriage now..

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