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Hamster Kombat FA Daily Cipher Morse Code 3rd July 2024


What is the Daily Cipher In Hamster Kombat?

The Hamster Kombat developers love to test your problem-solving skills with a daily cipher that unlocks in-game rewards. This cipher typically involves a series of taps, swipes, or other interactions on the game’s interface. Deciphering it correctly grants you access to bonus coins, items, or even special fighting moves for your hamsters.

Conquering the Code: Tips and Trick

While the official solution might not be readily available, fear not, trainers! Here are some ways to crack the code and claim your rewards: 

Hamster  Kombat FA Daily Cipher Morse Code for today

To claim 1,000,000 coins The code is ~ ORACLE

O: - - - (dash dash dash)

R: • - • (dot dash dot)

A: • - (dot dash)

C: - • - • (dash dot dash dot)

L: • - • • (dot dash dot dot)

E: • (dot)

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