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Aqua Protocol Update Steps On How To Purchase Your Ton.

As we anticipate for the launch of $AQUA protocol airdrop. One of the criteria is that, you must have some TON in your wallet. Maybe like 0.5TON which will be use as gas fee for claim. Pls kindly purchase it on or before 14th of July 2024.

Guide ~ 1. You need to buy USDT from Bybit P2P and convert it to TON in the Bybit.

2. ⁠copy your TON wallet address from your TONKEEPER 

3. ⁠Go to the Bybit and send the TON to the address you copied.

Aqua Protocol release update on how to claim your tokens on the official claim date, 

Follow These Steps:

You need do be subscribed to this channel @aquaprotocolxyzchannelen.

1. Connect your wallet on the TON mainnet in @AquaProtocolxyz_Bot:

   - Recommended wallets: TonKeeper, MyTonWallet, TonHub, or TonSpaces (inside the wallet on Telegram).

2. Do this by July 14, 2024:

   - Only those who connect their wallet will be included in the drop list.

   - If you do not connect your wallet by this date, you will not receive the drop.

3. For Zealy quest participants:

   - We noticed many people entered their addresses incorrectly.

   - We have created a new task for entering your wallet. Complete it here: [Zealy Quest]

   - Enter your wallet adddress correctly and follow the instructions (address should be in format started with UQ).   Click Link to get correct format.

4. Deadline:

   - All wallets must be entered by July 14, 2024.

   - Follow the instructions carefully to enter the correct wallet and be eligible for the drop!

Don't miss the chance to get on the whitelist and receive your drop!

On the day of the drop, you must have TON in your wallet for the transaction.

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