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Congratulations to MemeFi Players. (Details below)

What is Memefi on telegram? 

This is a simple idle game where you need to tap to deal damage to your enemies! Coins are in-game rewards exchangeable for something really cool later.

How The System Works ?

1 Tap 📲 =  -1 Enemy Health ❤️ = -1 Energy⚡️ = +1 Coin 💰


Enemies have got health. You need to exhaust their health to take them out.


Taps decrease your energy. You can't click more than 1000 times in a row! Once you stop your energy will start to regenerate.


After you kill a boss you can go for a stronger one! Click on the boss name to learn more about enemies and their stats or choose a new one.


You do not only get rewards tapping. Kills get you a specific prize in coins. Find the prizes for bosses of different levels by tapping on the boss name.


Soon you'll manage to team up with friends!


Progress fasters with boosters!

FREE BOOSTS: Deal 10 times more damage with Turbo and replenish your energy with Recharge!

PAID BOOSTERS: Apply boosters to permanently upgrade your Damage, increase Energy Cap and Recharging Speed. And the Tap Bot will do all the work for you!


Choose "Referral System" to learn more about invites!

The official telegram BOT release update on how to create wallet to prepare for the biggest airdrop, You can now create your wallet in the #MemeFi mini-game

📌 Set up your wallet to get your MemeFi airdrop soon.

✔️ Click the Wallet BUTTON
✔️Click Create Wallet
✔️ Copy and save your phrases

➡️ To get started. Click

After setting up This is how your wallet look like. 

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