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Aqua Protocol release an update on how to claim your coin (important)

The current mining  listing Coin on Telegram  "Aqua Protocol" give out an easy task to their players and instruct them on how to claim their sweat (Coin).

Though many people find it so difficult on how to go about it and scam think their efforts for months on the BOT channel is a waste? NO. On their official channels Twitter & Telegram they have released a mini task to perform and claim what belongs to you as easy as ABC. 

To get your Aqua protocol Airdrop, the Aqua team have made it compulsory that everyone should mint their Ton web3 score using Nomis.

What you need to do now is to go to Nomis, connect the wallet you connected to Aqua protocol and click on the center bottom, click on calculate score, after the score is done calculating, mint the score. Make sure to have some Ton in your wallet.

First 1 million mint is free. So rush it now.

Here is the link 👇 

Click Here

*You need at least 0.1 ton for Nomis score minting.*

I recommend u buy up to 0.3 TON worth about 3500 and use 0.1 for NOMIS and keep the remaining 0.2 for urself

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