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Today’s Daily Cipher Morse Code: June 27, 2024 on Hamster Kombat

 Hamster Kombat, the popular online mining bot  game known for its play-to-earn model, has once again released its daily cipher challenge.

This challenge not only engages players but also offers the opportunity to earn in-game rewards. Today, we decode the Morse code for June 27, 2024.

Today’s Cipher Challenge

The Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher for June 27 is based on Morse code for the word “MINER.” Players who decode it correctly can claim a reward of 1,000,000 coins in the game.

Today’s Correct Cipher Decoding: MINER

In today’s challenge, players are tasked with decoding the word “MINER.” Below is the Morse code sequence that players need to enter to solve the cipher:

  1. Enter the game and tap the “Daily cipher”.
  2. Enter the code in Morse code by tapping on hamster
  • M: — (dash dash)
  • I: •• (dot dot)
  • N: -• (dash dot)
  • E: • (dot)
  • R: •-• (dot dash dot)


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