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Logistics Company CEO Alert Customers to avoid 2 sacked Workers who still using the company name to Sçàm people ~ details

 CEO of Everything Suzy Logistics Mrs. Uwaoma Susan Joseph pen down her experience she's getting from the two staffs who keep on a fraudulent act with her customers after getting sacked. 

Everyone you all know Nonso my first Rider,I always sack with valid reasons and I tend to let them fly.i have never sacked any of my staffs and come here to post their picture or say things they did .

But Nonso is dubious and have been flying with my name and it’s not nice to my PERSON !

Nonso was still working for me ,Dating my office girl Amaka and they both bought their own bike and kept making deliveries that comes to my office line and keeping the money ..

I noticed after 3 months because I was still getting deliveries though not much but I felt okay ,business can be slow sometimes,didn’t know Amaka and Nonso that I took as family are ripping me !!!

This is 2022 ending 

I sacked both of them same day I got to know about it 

Amaka said Nonso told her he needed to start his own business but she wasn’t aware that Nonso later started which was blatant Lie ..

I got another rider and kept doing my business after using Force to get my key from Nonso because he refused to accept the fact that I no longer want to work with him !!!

Now he has been in business with same bike I saw him With ,nothing changed

He only sacked Peter his rider and now carried the bike !!!(I have Peter number and I have spoken with Peter too to be sure he was working for Nonso)

He has been operating with his bike but still tells people he is working for me 

Reason why I say ,call office line let’s send a rider to you so you won’t get into wrong hands !!!

Now ,one of my customers reached out to me last month how Nonso threw her materials worth thousands of naira 

I apologized and told her Nonso no longer work for me 

All my bikes 🏍️ are branded but the one Nonso is using isn’t branded !!

So I told her she would have chatted me or chatted office line ..

Now on one occasion I was sick and couldn’t go to the bank 

I made a transfer to my account officer and pleaded FOR MY money be picked that day as I love going to bank myself ,Nonso went and picked the money 

Only for him to chat same bank staff to borrow him money and that it’s Nonso that works with Everything Suzy Logistics 

Just this month 

This is like the 20th complain if not more I am getting from people.

Nonso stopped working for me 2022 

I decided to let him just go for Gods sake so he can do his business but since he is still flying with My Brand name 

I have to put this out here 

Both him and Amaka whom I accommodated in my house and took as a sister got sacked same day 

Since then I haven’t spoken to them nor even passed and met them and we talked 

No I haven’t 

Any business you are doing with any of my Riders that once worked for me ,it’s not on me please 

Always call the office line to get a rider sent across to You  Maurice own case will be up when his cup is filled for now his own complain is minor till I’ll remember him …

Disregard any one of them coming with Everythingsuzy name .

They will take your money and Run Nonso is an Anini. I am saying it with my full chest !!!!!!

 Uwaoma Susan Joseph CEO  (EverythingSuzy Logistics)✍️

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