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I was the only one that survive ~ Man recount how God safe him from careless Driver's hand, but lose one leg.


An excited moment a man heard good news about her wife's delivery for the first time after years of marriage.  But was unable to meet up and celebrate with a complete body. 

He recount how careless driver took them to and no conscience and ended him in the hospital. 

 Narrated that he was at work that very faithful day when i got the news that, My wife had just given birth, this was my first child, you can imagine how excited i was. Everyone at work was happy for me & we all celebrated. I immediately took permission from my boss to go see my son & the mom at the hospital, he told me it was ok & even gave me some cash to buy something for my wife & the baby.

I stood at the roadside waiting for a taxi, it took me about 12 mins to get one. 5 people were inside including the driver, i had already called my wife & informed her, i was on my way, i noticed that the driver was on high speed. I asked him severally to slow down but he kept ignoring, it was the third time that he finally responded angrily, saying that he has been driving for more than 13 years & that i shouldn't teach him his job. 

I seemed to be the only one complaining, as i noticed the other passengers were all quiet about it so, i decided to let go & stay mute as well. It was after about 10 mins of driving when, it all happened. The driver was trying to over take a heavy truck. After that, i only saw myself at the hospital after about 12 hrs & i was told that, i was the only person in the vehicle that survived the accident & that's how i got to this stage of having just One leg

Well, i thank God for life, though ,i cry at times especially when i come across my old pictures. I remember, how i used to walk on both legs, but it's ok no i believe God has a reason for every circumstance in our lives. He saved me for a reason & I'm thankful"

This got many people Reactions. 

Juliet Akello: Lord thank you for this testimony 

It has not only built our faith but also taught us to be grateful 

Bro may the Lord continue to supply to you and bless your family

Paula Micah Julius: God please be his helper, provide his needs and that of his family

Nomsa Trish : Romans 8 verse 28

This verse mean that  nothing can happen for no reason esp to those who loves God and im sure you do! It is well my brother♥️

Ruth Daniels: AlL thanks to God almighty who saved you, your son and wife really need you, it's well dear 🥰😩

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