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I spent 5 Million For A Video Shoot But Ended Up With 300 Views ~ Upcoming Artist recount.


The young upcoming Artist named "Azik Pitas" recount how he invested his lifetime servings in his musical career but end up regretting when things fall apart and not gone has we expected. 

The Enugu upcoming Artist by name Azik Pitas relocated to Lagos state to give his music career a betterment bit not knowing that Music is far beyond hos expectation. 

The artist on live interview went do emotional after all his serving gone without a dime been added to his account.

He added how he spent a lot after the 5 million video shoot he went ahead to meet with OAPs and Music promoters for proper promotion but after the pay they end up playing his music Once. 

Watch The Video to check if the fault is from him VIDEO

We pity him because who invest need to be harvest.. his situation got many people talking. 

Netizen React.

Elema Mercy: See as him stand straight like Hausa music

Healing Vessel: Well, am an upcoming artist too, I believe he has the gift but he need to upgrade himself to the standard of music on board, his music is nice but it outdated beat an partern, he need to upgrade, he need a good producer that knows what's trending, the ones he played has good lyrics but it not sweet, before a record label will look for him, he has to bring out something extra ordinary, not outdated sound and pattern

Egwu Ikechwuku: Relocating to lagos is his biggest mistake ,you can succeed much easier in the east than lagos

Mikel Chuki: This guy need someone who will look at his face and tell him to leave music and focus on his farming business, if u release good music it will go viral, promoters will start looking for you to promote you.

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