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Married Man engaged Side chic, Main Wife Surprised Them .


Married man engages side chic, a sister leaks the photos to the wife😢

Things getting out of hands nowadays as people go extra mile to over do without second thoughts. 

A wife shared a shocking photo of her husband engaging his side chic without her knowing. 

She narrated how her Friend sent  the  photos to her because the lady is close person to her and told her how her husband made a heart touching acts if she is aware. 

This is her story: 

"My story is very brief! These pictures were taken yesterday when my husband proposed to his side Chick while still married to me. A friend to this woman sent me these photos because she knows me. My husband said he is going on a business trip not knowing this was the plan, I called him this morning and asked him about this he just said "I will call you back" that's how he cut the phone and it has been off since that time.

I called his RELATIVES and they claim not to know anything about it they are also in shock! My things are already packed! This is the worst a woman can go through."

The incident occur on the Friday night which a Media Users got different talk and it very heartbroken to brake a good wife heart, this act cannot be forgiven even if she's cool and insist to stay in the marriage. But my thoughts, if husband wants to go for second wife the first wife should be aware.... 

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