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Loan app falsely reports couple's death over payment delay

 Loan app falsely reports couple's death over payment default

A Nigerian man sparked discussions when he shared a photo of a couple labeled as deceased by a loan app after they defaulted on loan repayment.

The post was captioned: “All because they couldn’t pay back their loan, see what a loan company did.”

Loan app falsely reports couple's death over payment default

The post displays a biography design photo of a couple believed to have received money in the form of a loan from an unnamed loan company.

The photo includes the names of the couple and other information. The loan company added that they have been marked as deceased with a burial date set for 30/4/2024.

This action was taken by the loan app as the couple reportedly refused to refund their loan before the due date.

And he added, there is a short note or description which reads: “We, the family of Mr. and Mrs. (Dr. Henry, NGASI), happily announce the passing of the couple. They are survived by only one daughter, she’ll be raped to death”

The post got netizen aeactions, who immediately flooded the comment section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

@_amber_jay: “Omo, for how much exactly did they borrow to get this sort of embarrassment.”

@StickzAbel: “I will deal with em from the highest ranked worker to the gateman or messenger.

@Badboyhyce: “The money fit no enter 50k like that self.”

@FisayorOfLagos: “Why bring in the innocent child fgs.”

@mindez_20: “I swear I no go pay again walai.”


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