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Man Recount His Encounter After Paying 16.8 Million Installments over 24 Million Naira car

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This is so sad to the point that people don't have human sympathy in the world. A Man narrates his encounter after making effort to make an installments of 16.8 million naira for a car of 24 million which agreement was made with the dealer. 

 According to the provide receipt the  guy by name Kiribike Abubakar was able to raised 16.8 million to purchase a Toyota Probox 2009 model and after the dealer got the amount that can fly him from Nigeria to abroad he took his girlfriend and flew away. 

The dealer by name  Tamukedde David Elvisi and photo

has been declared wanted after a press released his wrong act and place him to make a refund or he have patience for him to complete payment.

Receipt below

Mr Abubakar write a Media Consultant S.KING. He Wrote 👇

Hello S.king, I need your help I went to the this guy in 2022 to purchase a car and started paying in instalments,  but on the way last year the guy flew the country and ran with his girlfriend.  So I'm requesting for your platform to help me post ko for me on your page

It was supposed to be 24m and I had paid 16.8 already

The man is called Tamukedde David Elvisi


Netizen send advice in different comment. 

Kaddu Prossy - Put the father's names , mother's,and the girlfriend's names tutandikire awo😁😁

Iryn Da Bosslady - And who has the car?? How can I be paying for something that isn't in my hands!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

Mubiru Peter - I always tell people to buy car that they can afford not instalments. If you have 5m, 8m, 10m etc... look for a car worth that so as you get a peace of mind  than going for instalments, loans, this creating more stress.

Frederick B. Edwards - Next time learn that you deposit on the car and start driving as you complete the payment. That's how things work

Mag Minaji - But cars bought on loan,u suppose someone should be given the car as they pay in installments....that should be after acquiring the necessary documents if at all the person doesn't finish the money

With the opinion by S.King fans the victim is at fault, you can't pay conveniently for what is not yours. If you have interested story to share with us kindly reach out to our admin. uyoloadedpromotion@gmail.com

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