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Im addicted to single mothers - 23 years Old boy recount.

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A Nigerian man recount his encounter in a toxiç relationships he found itself. 

He narrates how he was in a 3 serious different relationship with Ladies, some disclose to him that they have a child while some he did findings to find out itself. . 

We know ladies can do anything just to keep a man , it takes the precious hand God  and  fearful lady to disclose to a man that she has a child.   Listen to the boy narrations. 

I Dated Single Mums Who Were Still Obsessed With Their Baby Daddies 🥺

I have only dated two ladies in my life that hadn’t any child. The first and my last girlfriend now my wife.

In between, I’ve dated 3 ladies, all single mothers. I am one person that is always very open minded even in my serious dating or marrying a single mother as a thing until I dated them. 

First one, told me right from the first day, that she is a single mother. I didn’t have an issue with that. But bro, girl was wayward in a way I couldn’t understand, I left. 

And straight into another relationship months after, guess what a single mom again, this one didn’t even tell me, I got to find out myself 8 months into the relationship. I understand her fear and the stigma the society carries so I didn’t react in a bad way, we continue, only to discover that the guy that she’s been talking to and saying it’s her cousin is actually the dad of the baby she told me is her sister’s own and to make things worse, two years down the line, I went to visit her in school, the house I have been paying rent, only to see the said baby papa, that was the ended. 6 months after, started another relationship, single mom again. At this point I was already thinking maybe mine is to marry a single mom 😂😂

This last one, Yoruba girl, showed me shege in the hands of her baby daddy. It didn’t even last for 6 months, I ran for my life. Girl was always sneaking out of the house to meet her baby daddy who will even come as close as to my street so they can meet. The one that broke the Carmel’s back was I was called by my neighbor one night to come see my girl friend having s£xx with her baby daddy in the car packed in my street. So this dude drove all the way from Iyana Ipaja to Ajah where I stayed, just to come sleep with this girl in the car and she didn’t disappoint. 

Omo, as I left that one, I dug ground put saliva. Before someone asked, these last two, knew I was ready for marriage, the other had asked me to wait for her to finish school at once. The last, was already giving me Abidishaker in 3 months. 

Unfortunately, they all prepped me up for my wife, that’s why when I met my wife, and saw she was good, we got married within the space of one year.

Personally, I still don’t have anything against single mothers. But Bro! People have got very bitter experiences out there. And that has made me to ask you, have you ever dated one? Omo, it’s not easy ooo

Trust me.

But my question to the boy is all the ladies   he had intimate with are his mate ? Are they older than him or they  are just getting pregnant accidentally? We find out in our continuation. 

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