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See Why Laycon, Whiteoney, & Vee didn't Succeed In Nigeria Music Industry - Efe revealed.


A winner of 2nd Big Brother Naija reality stars  came out of the reality tv BBN and attempted to pursue music as a career to varying levels of success. The first person to really do this was Efe Money, winner of the second season of the show and now during a new interview with Hip TV, he's explaining why other people who did the same thing like Whitemoney, Vee, and Laycon, also find it hard to gain success through their music. He  said.

During the interview, Efe was asked "Laycon, Vee, and Whitemoney also did music after leaving the house but were pushed to the side. What do you think is really happening in that aspect?" to which he replied:

EFE MONEY: The reality tv audience are almost totally different from music audience. The reality tv audience are passive listeners of music. They enjoy lifestyle, they enjoy drama, they enjoy anything apart from music. While, the active music consumers are totally different. So in that sense, when you go on reality TV, they just want to see you for your fine clothes, your drama, who you're dating - they have less interest in your music. And those make the core fanbase that you control cuz that's where your fans are. So they don't help to amplify your music.

Because most of the people who have come out to do music are actually great artistes, but eventually, they brow to the pressure and the challenges get enormous. So some people stop, some people continue. But for a stubborn boy like me, we die here. Cuz this is all I know.

The other point is that the industry folks, they don't take reality tv stars, because it's a cheap way of getting fame. Because music is not a joke. A lot of sacrifice is put into doing music. So when you come out from quick fame - cuz it's three months and you're in everybody's face - when you come out, and say you want to do music, it's like you're mocking these guys that have been working hard to get where they are with their music. So nobody will really take you serious in the industry.

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