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Marvin's record CEO "Don Jazzy" Reveal secret behind his single status till date.


Renowned music producer and Mavin Records head honcho, Don Jazzy, has shed light on why he remains unmarried.

 A sensation interaction with users on the social media platform Twitter, the music legends opened up about his journey of self-development as the reason behind the single life he's enjoying.

When a fan asked him why he is not married, Don Jazzy responded in pidgin English, stating,  “I dey work on myself so that when my head correct, my babe go enjoy me.”

This candid revelation comes after Don Jazzy’s 2021 disclosure about his early 20s marriage that couldn't last for him.

He revealed that the marriage ended in divorce after two years due to his overwhelming dedication to music.

“For so long everyone keeps asking me when am I getting married,” Don Jazzy revealed the secret behind his previous marriage life and he explained further.

“Well, the truth is that almost 18 years ago, I was 20 and I got married to my best friend Michelle and it was beautiful. I loved love and I loved marriage. Michelle is so beautiful inside and outside with such a soft heart. But then me being so young and full of dreams I went and fucked it up cos I was giving all my time to my Music. Music became a priority instead of my family. We got divorced when I was 22 and it hurt. I am still very much in love with my music and I wouldn’t want to marry another and fuck it up again. So I’m taking my time.”

Well decision is decision no man is above marriage. 

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