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I've Slept With Over 100 men ~ A 25 Year Old Girl Narrates.


A Lady took her life encounter to a public television to seek for help over what she's passing through. 

The anonymous lady captured many people's heart with a pity how she fall  numerous victim over pastors hand when she visit them for breakthrough over her sex urge encounter.

According to the Lady, she narrated that her mum was a nurse when she started having sex for money which the part she chooses was not comfortable with her family reputation so she decided to leave the house, with with no funds but for the passion she had for the commercial work she treck from UCH to Lagos to start a new life and her mum was so ashamed of her in the sense that she didn't wanted seen her for eye. 

"With the Commercial work I've two kids on top  with eleven abórtións and I can even go with six different guys in a day countless times without getting tired". WATCH VIDEO 

Her story touch many people 


Ayotunde H. : Her problems stem from her mother, who always curses her, Sleeping with many men can't solve her problems, She should find something meaningful to do and continue praying to God while visiting those who call themselves men of God, She is still young to get a solution by herself.

Shodimu Sunday: Another thing there was that, she herself made her parent to be the mountain of her life, it's one thing to be given birth to, its another thing to reborn urself. We are always d mountain of our lives sometimes. Choose a better way urself 💁.

Ikechukwu Nduka: Tomorrow one man will come to marry her now and he will be advised to forget her past. My brother we are responsible for our own doings and undoings in this life. There is no justification for having such body count at that age. No justification at all

War Rior: Kaish... We are responsible for our actions.. you will will always reap what you sow no mata wat... There's no justification bf God.. He will show you MERCY but u wi bear the consequences... Just like having a child with someone n u say u r now born again, the child will still b in d picture till till... I know this generation pride in pity n not d truth...

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