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Things To Know Before Accepting A Record Deal As an Upcoming Artist.

The Music industry is being run by secret societies from major record labels, distribution companies and other major media entities. The Industry is rigged & most upcoming artists don't know the real truth about this type of business industry. This is why artists run to get signed, and later on CRY when it backfires, they're all just being used as puppets (a product of the Industry). Do you know why most artists die as soon as they make it? huh, A death of a famous celebrity means more revenue for record labels and publishing companies, once you sign a deal, you automatically sold your soul, you become nothing but a pawn to be moved around and disposed of once they're satisfied. You are just a product, nothing more. Ask the mainstream artists, they're very happy in front of the screen but behind closed doors they're crying their lungs out. Being Independent also has disadvantages but it's better and it's worth it...

As Soon As You Sign With A Label They Take 80% to 85% Off Of That 100% of your Intellectual property Because They Will Be Handling Every Business Side Of Your Career While You Only Worry About The Creative Side Of Things.

This Is How It Goes, 

When You're Signed The Label Gets A Beat From A Producer For That Song. The Producer Owns 50% Publishing Royalties/Mechanical Of The Song Not Negotiable (Its By Default & Its Standard) So You Are Left With 50% Publishing. The producer also gets 25% of the artist's Sale Earnings. Out of 20% sales the producer gets 4% of that. Which now means you are left with 16% in sales.

If The Song Has 2 Featured Artists, It Means Each Other Artist Will Own 12.5% Of The Song When You Sign The Split Sheets. Which Then Means You Now Have 25% Left In Your Wallet. But The Percentage Can Be Negotiated, Its Up To You & The Featured Artist Depending On What You Tell Them Via The Plans For The Track e.g Video Costs, marketing fees on your back.

Music Video, Drip(Clothes/Attire) Cash Will Be Paid Via That 25%

So All In All Lets Count How Much You Have When You've Successfully Received R200 On That Song From Publishing.

R100 Goes To The Producer For The Beat.

R100 Goes To You.

Label Still Own 80% to 85% Lets Say They Own 80%.

So The Label Takes Their R80 From You

R20 Is Your Money.

Dont Forget You Havent Paid Your Manager This Month For The Business/Opportunities He Brought On The Table.

So From R20 You Must Give Your Manager His 20% Or Whatever You Agreed On.

Meaning R4 Belongs To Your Manager.

R16 Is What You Are Left With In Your Wallet From The R200 You Made.

Before You Go & Spend Your Remaining R16. Don't Forget We Haven't Recouped (Paid Back) For The Drip (Isdwadlo/Clothes) For Your Image. Plus A Music Video Fee.

This Is The Reason Why Ambitious Ent Artists Were Always Crying. Record labels work like this. Its A 360 Deal Meaning They Get A Share From Everything The Artist Makes.

360 deals - mean that the record company participates in the income of touring, merchandising, and other income streams in exchange for their investment to launch the artist’s career. The label only cares about themselves, they make all the money and they leave the artist crying, broke and depressed .

Being Independent Is The Way To Go If You Want All The Money To Yourself But Just Know You Will Spend Most Of Your Time Handling Emails/Paperwork/Calls & Meetings unless you got orgazations like Creatives Makhado. Though your things won't go as fast and as big as artists who are signed under labels because those ones do anything just to live a lavish life. Trap, Boom Bap, Amapiano, Trap Soul, Drill, Cross-dressing, kissing the same gender, going naked, doing crazy stunts, drinking blood and doing all sorts of sacrifices... 

In Addition: 

Many artists are currently suffering within the existing ‘Broken Creatives Industry’; We are seeing this a lot lately, even with artists that are signed under major labels. Which just proves that the culture within the existing broken industry isn't designed for artists to make art.

This industry is designed to stifle all types of creatives, from musicians & models, to actors & comedians. It's sad but that's how it is, and what's more crazier is that this system started waaayyy back, in different fields even. For example, school have always taught kids to comply, to fit in, to follow the boss or leader. We were taught to feed into a system that controls us , which injects fear into us when we dare to think differently. This has created barriers to us freely being able to ‘think outside of the box’. 

Everyone has been gifted with a passion, However, in order to know what you are, you must first open your mind to finding your passion and then try break through the barriers that have been put in front of you through the way you have been educated, either by school or society itself.

Black child please listen! The industrialists wanted us to be workers to do the jobs they wanted us to do and the education system they created is designed purely to create workers. 

Yes you heard that right, workers, just like slavery. So here's the question, do you want to be a slave or a freeman? Because it's possible to be a free man - we're now living in a new world; a world created and fuelled by incredible technological revolutions, a world that the 'existing industries' are not yet ready for. The digital space is growing on a rapid pace, Indipendent creatives are now competing with old creators of the bullsh*t system. Through Social Media and the digital space, Indipendent artists are now profiting a lot from their talents. Artists are now even uniting through the #CreativesMakhado movement where they help each other grow their brands & their revenue.  Good luck all 

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