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Mistake a Man Most Not Make, Story Of A Rich Man Who ended in pushing Wheelbarrow to Survive.


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The shocking story of a Russian rich man who letter regrets his next step in life after life turning against him. 

The Review man below thought cheating with your precious gifts (A Wife) is the best decision a man can make in life, the unidentify Russian Man play tricks on his wife by choosing wrong soul and his end was the worst thing that can happen to a man. 

He Sold all his belongings in Russia to Moved on with his life with a new found lady who convinced and lied to spend the rest of her life with him in Kenya, and he accepted the idea and Dump his wife and move to Kenya to continue the life journey with his new girlfriend who happens to be his wife 💔 

In the trending gist: 

This Russian man dumped his wife and married a Kenyan lady by the name Wanjiru  The lady convinced him to sell everything in Russia and settle in Kenya which  he agreed.  After relocating to Kenya they bought land and invested heavily. He later lost everything to the woman and was left homeless. He is now working in mjengo to survive.

Some bad thing happen to human because of wrong Choice and losing of blessing God brought to them. Be useful to yourself and always have self-confidence, what you expect outside is inside with you. 

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