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Leak Voice Note Between Pastor Tobi and Dora former Man City player "Kayode's" wife.


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A romantic moment between Pastor Tobi Adegboyega and a Former Manchester City player Kayode's wife  Dora Ezinne went viral and got people blaming the so call man of God different names.

The acclaimed "Kayode's wife" Dora Ezinne rant bitterly as she stormed the man of God for not fulfilling the promise of waking her up early morning as he promised her in the night while they were chatting.

The man pleaded with her not to get beyond  and ask her why she didn't called him first and she disclose that she wanted to Know how much the pastor love her. 


This act of love between the man of God Pastor Tobi Adegboyega and Kayode's wife Dora affair is more than beyond because the Note is more romantic than newly lovers. 

The Note got Netizen whacking, check Reactions below. 

C'est OnujuohaYou're new year prophecy is still in fulfillment, more men god will still disgrace themselves this year.

Ammy Love: Men don't really understand this thing called marriage. Money cannot keep a marriage. Women need attention more than everything.

Hadiza Zakadi Usman: With her local English.... she sound NATIVE!!! Tufiakwa... what is sexy here that this pastor  will mess himself  up with this?

Rabiu Sahadu: From the comments section I can see people’s wifes and husbands are just not safe in the church,there must be something fundamentally wrong

Israel Obioma Arukwe: But pastors shud stop influencing themselves in a marriage woman's life, dat is how I lost my wife of 11yrs, I never raise voice or hand on her for all 11yrs we were together, until she stated seeing one so called prophet nd buying gift to him, before I no it, he started giving her prophecy about me nd one day she said she is not interested in d marriage nd took me to court nd we separated,

Itz Bigking Anyadiekwu: If your wife starts calling her pastor Daddy, and she respect him more than she respects you... Send her away and find yourself another wife.

Osaloni Sola: When you marry prostitute this is how the relationship ends, useless criminal pastors.

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