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I was on the boat with junior pope, this is exactly what happened - actor Tc okafor reveals the unbelievablel


A trending video of a Nollywood actor TC Okafor who narrates what happened before the dead of the Nollywood veteran actor Junior Pope occur. 

“When we got to the location, I bought Fanta, I had 10k with me, I sprayed it on the water and gave some to the children in the area.” Actor TC Okafor, one of the survivor of the boat accident, narrates his ordeal. 

In an Instagram live, the actor says “On the first day, when Junior pope came to the set, he wasn’t comfortable. Then after a while he said he was leaving. 

On the day of the incident, we all gathered at the river to board the boat that would take us to the set. Since we stated the job, I always sit in front, so I can hold the rope.

Junior pope was making a video and I told everyone to put their phones in their pockets.

Only two people wore life jackets; the DOP and Director.

The boat guy was wearing an earpiece and wanted to show his face in Junior Pope’s video.

He jammed one of the canoes in the river and our boat capsized” Video below

This video got many reactions.: 

Valour Peters: So, the director of the movie knew that life jacket is key, yet made provision for only himself and his close aid/friend?

Secondly, they ignored the marine corps, professionals on marine affairs, yet entered the water to go and do a professional job? Couldn't even pay for life vest 🦺 for the actors and others? Some people sha?

That stupid boat driver that was speeding and refused to slow down, have they arrested him yet?This could have easily been prevented.

Glory Ceepee: So this story is actually true? God.

Rosetta Legit: Just imagine... I'm shedding tears about some comments here... Instead of thanking God he survived, you guys are blaming him because he is not your favourite actor. It's quite unfortunate. All the people blaming him must experience the same and worst.

MarkySlicky: Very annoying and careless death... how much is the jacket that they cannot hire 😡

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