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Wife Write List Of People To Be Washing Dishes At Home Including Husband (Man's Respond Is Shocking)

 Welcome to ULBLOG a space to find hidden stories.  Today we talking about a house chores and how to handle it. 

A user pen down her List and table of how she wants her house chores be doing, 

She made shocking list that got followers talking and she got negative and positive response from her fans in part she shared her weekly House chores equally with her husband. 

 The Husband respond to her "If She Can Foot The House Bill 50/50 as she share the home work 50/50 and that's would have been better. 

She wrote:

From my box. Nawa

The roster I made that is causing chaos.
Who made doing chores a woman’s duty? When we foot bills as well. My husband provides and helps out at home. These days he will come and go to sleep. I now put this in our kitchen so we can share chores. He woke up shouting at me that he don’t blame me. He also told me to get a job and start footing 50 percent with him. That since the chores is shared. Let bills be spilt into 2. The issue is not an easy one and we have been keeping malice. Mothers and fathers, was I wrong to demand that we share chores since I have two kids. She asked!!

The acts sometimes was so mànnérléss and disrespectful to the husband  responsibility in sense that if she wanted talking about it she should've call him on bed and discuss but not in giving out list. 

Different people reacted to it and some gave her advice to keep her home growing. 

Netizen Reactions:

TR. Andikan Etim :- The time table is okay, just like he said, just foot 50% bills and the problem will be over.
I support gender equality.

Tutor Adetola:- Nothing wrong with this timetable, but oga doesn't know calculations very well because you are suppose to pay 57% bills while he pays just 43% bills. I did it based on the number of weeks he will do house chores. He does more house chores while you pay more bills.
Your head go set last last.

Sharon Amarachi Charles :- Get a job and share the bill with him 50/50 case closed.

Eze Mbano:- U are not paying school fees, rent or even feeding the house, u are not fueling the car or paying for security or fuel for house yet u made roster for chores. I was wondering who day advice u..

Victoria Oche:- It's wrong! Wisdom is profitable to direct.  Since he provides, you would have just look for helper and be taking from food money small small to pay the HELP, then you will handle only food. Go and apologise!!!. 


Let be watchful to keep our home growing in a positive way. If you have interested gist to share with us kindly reach out to our admin on mail. uyoloadedpromotion@gmail.com

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