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Champion Breweries Dont support State Show - Moses Eskor Narrate.


Following the angry comment Artist in the state put in  Moses Eskor's post   concerning the  post he made about the forthcoming Talent show in Akwa Ibom State on his official page on Facebook

Someone slide to highlight how Lagos state government put extremely effort to make music industry a profession to young coming stars who have passion on it. 

The artist named by "UDO MMA" commented About how Lagos state government go extra mile to make sure they reward any participants that won the show with a hush price and heavy gift that will encourage them to do more. On his words. 

Lagos talent show dem dey give 50 million with one better car for de winner. Una own last last una go give person 30k without added even bicycle.

And the new appointee on the office of Special Assistant On Entertainment Sir Moses Eskor DGN responded to his comment by enlighten the audience, On His Words. 

Udo Mma Lagos Talent Shows Are Supported By Factories, Brands And Industries, Your Champion Breweries And Other Industries In Your State Has Refused To Support Any Entertainment Development In Akwa Ibom, The Prize We Give Is From An Individual, We Don't Even Charge Gate Fee So Please Rest.

In addition, Music industry is not built in one night, but it is good to speak up to get proper results and at the same time it is good to understand our question and how other's will feel after laying it down. 

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