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Aúñty w!th F!$h Héàd, Users Reaction To "Ima Obong Uboh" English While Confronting Local Man in Ibom Plaza


About the ongoing crisis between a popular social media influencer "Local Man" vs acclaimed socialist "Ima Obong Uboh"

A piece trending clip of the two (2) mentioned users was spotted arguing and exchanging words about an online misunderstanding post  which the acclaimed socialist said the Young man insulted her and other prominent people in the state. 

The Beautiful lady "Ima Obong Uboh" was coming with a confusing English that got audience talking.  she was asking her camera man to check if truly is the young guy while spotted his car colour, in her words: OGA CHECK DE MOTOR IF NA RAM? 

the English dragged people's attention to the clip which many got confused while many asked if truly, some head is carrying wig with empty brain. Watch below.


Netizen Reactions Below: 

 Happiness Akpan - Which one be " if na ram" Someone should pls explain to me wetin e mean 🤣🤣

Smart Mkpan - Very poor intonation...which one is Na ram?

Ubong Moses - I come in peace ooo which one is if na ram abeg i never hear this one before ooo.

Danny Osom - Did I just hear if na ram?

BlackViza Viza - Ikor mbakara MMA ayam iyak. If na ram

Daniel Ekong - On your next contents mbok leave English alone English is not your mate which is if na ram 😂😂😂😂😂

In addition, the way of the act seems it a script because many users sees it as a well scripted act because camera man was with her from the beginning and the young man voice was well loud in which he was with mic. Watch the clip and tell us your take .

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