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[UL EDU] Top 10 Best Education Courses You Can Study @ULBLOG

Edu is the clip form for education. Edu as it is normally refer to by many, is the compound name for any education related course. These courses are offered in most universities and colleges of education in Nigeria.

The graduate of any of these courses will be awarded B. Ed (university) or NCE (college) at the completion of the program.

The mindset of many Nigerian admission seekers and undergraduates is that education related courses are reserved for people with middle or low IQ. But this is wrong simply because education courses are design mainly to train teachers and researchers. The best teachers so far are the edu graduates

[center]Why you must study Education related course[/center]

Employment : According to statistics conducted by Nigeria bureau of statistics in 2009, education sector employs 29% of the total workforce in Nigeria. Therefore, education graduates have 90% chances of being employed in Nigeria.

Working experience : Unlike other sectors such as technical or oil and gas where 4-5years working experience is required, education graduate requires less working experience .

Less working hours: [/b]The working period for most of the lecturers and teachers is very minimal compare to other sectors.

[center][b]Best education courses 

Computer science and education : ICT related courses are the best when it comes to studying education. The reason for this is that you will be trained as a computer scientist and at the same time a teacher .This is an edge for you over others because you will become an hot cake after graduation, provided you equipped yourself with the required skills.
Your chances of being employed are very high.

Technical and vocational education :We all know that in Nigeria now ,it's not easy to make it focusing on only one source of income. If you study technical courses such as automobile, bricklaying and ceramics etc, you will be able to combine your job + the vocation you learn while in school.

Agricultural science and education :Since agriculture is still the most profitable venture one can embark on in Nigeria, studying agric science will equip you with the necessary skills you need to start up your own farming business while you are working. This will also make you a consultant in the field of agriculture.

Accounting :Studying education and accounting will give you two certification at the same time, that is, degree and education.
If you graduate with degree in accounting and education, you can apply for ICAN and become a chartered accountant while retaining the status quo. I know many of my lecturers that have these type of degrees and they are auditors in the other side. This gave them many source of income.

Entrepreneurship and education :This is one of the most valuable course in the developed countries such as USA. The reason for this is because many of the graduates with this degree start up their own business and become employers of labour after graduation.

[b]Fishery: [/b]This is being ridiculed by many due to their ignorance about the course. Fishery is one of the most profitable aspect of agriculture. This subject has lesser teachers in schools across Nigeria. Therefore, it increases your chances of being employed. Remember, fishery is now a compulsory subject in the SSCE. Therefore, it's a very good course to study. Another added advantage is that you can practice fish farming while working and also become a constant.

Note:Its better to research and apply for a course that is employable in Nigeria rather than applying for already filled up course.
Above all, equip yourself with the necessary skills so as to make you employable and self reliant

If there's any of these courses I forgot to mention, you can add yours .

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