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How popular Nigerian FOREX trader who was multi millionaire Gone off in a second ( Man shared shocking story)


A trending gist of a Nigerian man who went broke and and his marriage crashed and he lost all his wealth  in a trickle of an eye. 

BW Ugly Tech. Made a post About one Nigerian man who was able to buy a luxury cars, Houses and other stuffs he wished to because he was absolutely doing well in forex marketing. On his post 👇

This young man was living lavish lifestyle through forex from 2014 -2021 

Bought 7 cars ,Range rovers ,G wagons ,Buggati ,he instantly got married .

Spoiling wife heavy , vacations,cars ,houses ,the minute he fell she didn't even stay 1 year 

2 years ago he hit a rock bottom ,wife divorced ,police looking for him he ran into Mozambique

Imagine a dude who could buy a 4 million car at ease.  Screenshot below.

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